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It’s time! A new release in the Cinnamon Bay Universe, Unexpected Tides, is available NOW. Don’t forget to one-click your way to laughs, love, and a little bit of spice today!

A small-town unexpected romance… a match made in heaven or cupids’ mistake?

Naomi McKenzie left the big city to start a new life in the town of Cinnamon Bay where her grandmother met the love of her life. Downsizing wasn’t what Naomi originally planned for her life, but she needed a break. As a lawyer who practiced many areas of law including divorce cases, the large city offered chaos and betrayal from behind every corner, but a small town offered hope and a change of pace… and love.

Love wasn’t on Naomi’s agenda when she began her new firm in Cinnamon Bay and it certainly wouldn’t be at the top of her list of things she needed to get done. She had everything under control and in order. Naomi had a house to build, a business to establish, and a colorful Bay to explore. But nothing prepared her for the sexy fisherman, Brad Fraser of Cinnamon Bay’s fishery, Happy Hookers. Despite her curiosity, love was bad luck for a businesswoman.
Ignoring the temptation of Brad, Naomi focuses on the next best thing– friendship. The same friendship Her Grandma Nancy had found in the Granny Trio. After little time spent in the town, it didn’t take long for Naomi to feel the strength of their sisterhood. The Granny Trio accepts Naomi as the granddaughter they never had and plays cupid to give Naomi a love story of her own. After all, they know everybody in town and Brad Fraser is her perfect match! The Trio mean well but their shenanigans prove it difficult for Naomi to reach her goals without the distraction of an unexpected romance. Still, their hot attraction for each other can’t be denied, even to Naomi.

From Naomi’s experience, life is too complicated for successful romantic relationships. Will she put down the lists and charts to open her heart and take charge of love before she loses him, or will she close the book before her chapter with Brad even begins? If the Granny Trio were younger, they wouldn’t let a catch like Brad Fraser go!

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Cinnamon Bay Romance, Contemporary Romance, Crystal St.Clair, Small Town Romance

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