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Y’all this one is something!

More Than Love is a steamy marriage romance based in Madison Grove. You will laugh, you will cheer, you’ll give a hard eye roll or two, and you’ll probably shed a tear. And I think you’ll fall in love with Kinsey and Wesley.


More Than Love

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Burn or Sign.

Love, at first sight, is how I describe the second I met my wife. It sounds cliche. It sounds romantic. But I knew Meghan would be my wife from the moment she blew off my request for a date.

Then the quest to make her mine became an obsession. I didn’t need years to know. All I needed was a single word: Yes.

We met. We married. It’s been good. Or, so I thought.

And now her gold band rests on top of a divorce decree and my wife, the woman I love, won’t look me in the eyes.

I’m a closer. I assess the risk, opportunity, and sweeten the offering enough to make my opponent think he’s bested me. I close billion-dollar deals because I know every weakness, every secret, every opportunity. But I didn’t see this coming.

The ultimatum of thirty days to repair the marriage I didn’t know was broken. To burn the decree or sign it, as if our forever is optional.

I swallow around the unexpected rage solidifying in my throat and I prepare to close the most significant deal of my life. And the prize isn’t financial, the prize is my wife’s heart.

I declare my victory with a master plan in mind until I realize I’ve grossly underestimated my opponent.


Kinsey steals my breath. The tension in my neck relaxes at the sight of her dancing in the doorway of our master bathroom. Her delicate hand grips the handle of the brush, and she folds over, as if belting her heart out.

“Wes, what the fuck? We’re overseeing a billion-dollar merger tomorrow.” Garrett shouts and I glance his way for a second then back at the monitor. 

Speaking of bucks, I look over at Garrett. “Eighteen billion.” I correct him with a smile, reaching for my headphones. “Five minutes, and I’m all yours.”

I thought I would catch a glimpse of her sleeping but I’m blessed with the sight of her sexy body. Kinsey sways her hips and my johnson swells, and I’m no longer interested in considerations, liabilities, or warranties. She spins around reaching for her reflection in the mirror, gathering the thing she’s holding so tight to her full breasts. I lean back in my chair content with this mini reprieve from my wife.

“Get your head out of her fucking pants and get back to business.” Garrett mumbles storming out of the conference room. “I’m getting coffee. Y’all might as well take a break.” The room of suits clear and I’m left alone.

This merger will unlock the next phase of my masterplan to reclaim full ownership of Hamilton, Incorporate. It’s a slow process. But I’m a very patient man.

And I pay Garrett a lot of money to stress about the details. That’s what happens when you offer your best friend a million-dollar bonus to leave his legal career behind. My team consists of lawyers, accountants, business analysts. But Garret keeps me on track because he knows my plan is strategically laid in a dominion effect and the chain reaction is underway.

I want to take over the media industry from the inside out.   

One misstep could undue fifteen years of planning. We’ve inched our way through each project until I’m one of the top corporate negotiators in the country. I won’t stop until I’m the top negotiator and my family business is back where it belongs with my mother and me.

So, tonight I’ll work through the night, if necessary, but the beauty of my wife commands my attention. She’s the worst kind of distraction and she has no clue. One word from her and my world shifts—whether good or bad—to the dismay of Garrett and Mother. 

I glance at the clock. It’s a quarter to midnight. What’s she doing up at this hour? 

The best person to answer my question is Kinsey Hamilton. I stand and make my way across our estate. The furniture, paintings, and staff pass in a blur. I cross the threshold into our master suite, the scent of her shower gel lures me forward like a drunken man beckoned toward his favorite kind of liqueur. 

I stop just inside the room and watch her. She’s the one patch of unpredictability in my life. I saw her on a beach in Bermuda and knew I had to hear her voice. Once I heard her voice, I had to feel her touch. Then I had to have her.

My heart beats at a cadence tuned to her the woman so close and yet so far. 

Because I’ve learned to conquer the world, but I can’t manage to conquer her heart. 

I blink clinging to the one fact I’d stake my life on: she’s mine. The one thing in my life not asking for my money, that doesn’t care if I close another deal. All she asks for is me. And it’s as pure, as it’s unnerving to know I can’t fuck this up.

I rest my back against the door listening. Kinsey can’t sing, not even a little bit. But it doesn’t stop her. Her honey golden skin glistens with a layer of moisture. Her back is to me and she rubs lotion in her hands, over her cut arms, up her shoulders and around her neck. Her head dips back and she moans.

I’m ready to toss my pants aside but I stand waiting for Kinsey to notice me. So, I stand, aware of the minutes passing then she squeezes more lotion in her hands and bends at the waist with her ass in the air.

I groan and Kinsey spins around. Her eyes round and for a second, we appraise each other. Her eyes invite me closer and in a blink a wall erects. She takes a step back and I stop. I didn’t realize I’d move toward her. But she has that effect on me.

“I heard your singing, and I came to make sure you weren’t under attack.”

A tight smile tugs the corner of her lips. “Ha ha ha.” 

She folds and smooths lotion over her thighs and I walk closer. “Let me.”

Kinsey looks up and I think she’s about to say no, but instead she holds out the bottle to me. I unbutton my cuffs and roll back my sleeves. She steps back until her soft ass rests on the counter. I squeeze a mound of lotion in my hands never pulling my gaze from hers.

“Open your legs, love.”

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