Everyone’s a Critic (Cinnamon Bay Romance)

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She’s a single mother struggling with abandonment. He’s a travel writer trying to get past a traumatic, isolated childhood.

Laura Feldmen never thought this would be her: a single mother at nearly twenty-seven. A former bully, Laura made people’s lives miserable. Now that the tables have turned, she finds out who her real friends are. Imagine her surprise when the people who support her are the ones she used to torment. Her father has given her an ultimatum: she has a year to find herself and not attach herself to imperfect men while raising her infant daughter.

Cooper Dawson comes to Cinnamon Bay on a mission. A travel writer, he’s eager to visit the beachside small town. His dream job is just within reach, but that changes when he meets Laura and recognizes something in her that he understands all too well.

Cooper’s the kind of guy Laura would have picked on before. Now she’s searching for redemption while he longs for a way to find his place in the world. Is it possible for two opposites to find healing together?

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Cinnamon Bay Romance, Contemporary Romance, Nikki Lynn Barrett, Small Town Romance

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