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Today is release day!

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I’m running from one man and land in bed with three.

Men are ruining my life.

My father promised my hand to Carmine, the son of a mafia boss. Then demands a shotgun wedding.

I’m desperate on a runaway train headed straight to hell until I stand outside the perfect solution: Club Sin.

No man in his right mind would want me after a few tasteless pics.



In no time, I’m blindfolded, tied, and dared to toss gasoline on the hellfire consuming my life. To experience a night of unspeakable pleasure and fulfill my fantasy.

But this is where my plan goes from a disaster to catastrophic. Because I trade two lunatics for three except Maverick, Andre, and Santiago don’t want my inheritance.

They want my heart.


May the best man win, Saint whispers in Spanish.

“You congratulating me already, brother?”

Dre smiles. “Now, that’s the type of enthusiasm I expected. Three… Two…” 

The door opens, and the silhouette of an angel in a white wedding dress fills the doorway. The ground shifts beneath me. And I freeze, gauging the atmosphere. 

“How many fucking shots did I drink?”

“Man, you need to say no to peer pressure,” Saint says, staring at the door.

High cheekbones, plump lips, and she’s blindfolded. My cock swells, wondering what her eyes look like behind that velvet material.

“Fuck…” I whisper, and her head turns in my direction. 

“Is someone there?” Her smokey voice cuts through the silence. 

Dre steps closer. “Put your hand on my arm, and I’ll guide you inside.”

Her face turns to Dre, and she follows his directions. I watch her. The swishing of the dress. The glow of her skin. The scent of her womanhood. The rapid beat of my heart burns through the alcohol in my system.

“What’s your name, beautiful?” 

Her head snaps in my direction. “I’d rather not.”

“We’ll call you Angel,” Saint says.

Her head jerks in his direction. “There’s three of you.”

“Yes.” We say in unison.

Life’s taught us to move as one. We exchange glances, and I’m not the only one at a loss for words, with a shiny new treasure in our sight, the rhythm of our breathing falls in sync.

The effect of her presence extinguishes the humor, and a rush of lust burns in my chest. It takes every ounce of will to remain in my seat. Saint folds over, resting his forearms on his knees, watching every step she takes. Dre stands between her and the door as if blocking any possibility of escape.

“It seems fate delivered you into a dragon’s cave, Angel,” I growl as a rush of lust burns in my chest. The music from the club level hums in the distance. And the combined energy of us invades the room.

“What does one do to tame a dragon?” Angel stops turning her beautiful face in my direction.

“By claiming our heart.”

Get YOUR Copy Today!


BWWM, BWWM Romance, Club Sin, Contemporary Romance, Featured, Featured Author, Reverse Harem Romance, Steamy Romance

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