I’m a New York mob boss but my heart is in Houston with Dominique—the one woman I can’t have because we stand on opposite sides of the law.

She’s an attorney and the only way she’ll wear my ring is if I walk away from my family. So, I left her to pursue her dreams until the streets whisper of her fate.

Dominique appears on my doorstep with the mafia, cartel, and a crooked politician aiming to take her down. I’m warned to stay out of it. But not with my love carrying my child.

Ain’t gonna happen. 

They want her dead. But they’ll have to go through me to get her and I’ll pave the streets red to make her mine forever.

Secret Desires is a steamy BWWM mafia romance with a forced marriage and a secret pregnancy. Readers of my novels will recognize many of the characters in this serial including Jameson De Luca (from Total Love), Marco Falcone (from You Owe Me), and Talib Kamwi (from African Emerald). This story reads like my Precious Stones series with the heart of Southern Gentlemen. But I must warn you, it’s a twisted tale of organized crime, fated love, and what it means to live a courageous life.