He’s a billionaire with a vendetta. I’ll give him my body, but not my heart.

RELEASE: May 2, 2024
SERIES: Feuding Hearts

Jermaine Knights is back in Madison Grove.

Our explosive unresolved chemistry threatens to set this small town on fire. But I’m not the woman he left with a broken heart.

I’m CEO of Crown Jewel Brew, and Jermaine’s plans could ruin everything I've worked for.

He’s set on revenge, and my life’s work is caught in the crossfire.

Yet, there's something about him that always had a lasso on me.

Smooth chocolate skin, steamy bedroom eyes, and when he touches me, I forget he’s my enemy.

Every heated glance, every accidental caress reignites a flame I thought I'd extinguished.

I'm torn between the thrill of us and the scars of our past.

But as secrets unravel, I wonder if there's more to his plot than just revenge.

If only I could trust him again.

And now, I must determine whether Jermaine’s a friend or foe.

Get swept away by the Feuding Hearts Series, where the line between love and hate is as thin as a whisper. 13 of your favorite authors give you everything from the charm of small towns to the allure of billionaire lifestyles, and from the mystique of werewolf shifters to the intrigue of vampires. Each story is a steamy blend in these contemporary and paranormal romances.

Discover alpha males, curvy women, second chances, fated mates, and more. Enemies to lovers have never been so heart-stopping in a world where love conquers all.