A sexy widow…
A much younger MVP…
And a one-night stand.

RELEASE: July 14, 2022
GENRE: Sports Romance

Regina Thomas spends her days with cotton fabrics, vibrant threads, and cutting up with the retired quilters of Cinnamon Bay. But on the eve of her fortieth birthday, she trades her small-town life for a solo trip to New York City.

On the heels of a championship, Kadeem Jones, makes a pitstop in New York City before visiting his mother for the off-season. And he scores an unforgettable night with a sexy beauty who disappears before he learns her name.

Life throws an interception when Kadeem enters Stitched in Time. The widow and star basketball player collide and he’s ready to pick up where they left off. Except Regina’s mortified when she learns her one-night stand was with her friend’s son.

But Kadeem won’t lose her again. He wants Regina and embarks on a steamy mission to make her heart his home. And it will take a quilt room renovation, gushing “hens,” and every skill in Kadeem’s playbook to show Regina…

Love is always in season.