This might be my chocolate covered
second chance at love.

RELEASE: April 2019
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
FORMAT: eBook, Paperback
SERIES: Blazin’ Love

It’s Easter Sunday.

I’m sitting on the pew next to my Mom, handling my daughter duties when HE—Darius Grant— walks in sparking thoughts that guarantee I’m going straight to hell with gasoline panties on. 

I’m Charlee Stuart. I’ve joined my best friends in starting an elite concierge service. My assignment is to find premium services for our upscale clientele. Truth is, I have no idea what I’m doing, but I won’t fail my guys. 

He takes the seat in front of me blocking my view. At six foot, fine, and filthy rich, I’m hoping I won’t be struck by lightning. Then I remember Darius is off limits. But his chocolates may be just what I need to test my skills of persuasion.

I’m not the kind of woman to chase a dude, but I might hop in his direction. And I’m making a promise on this hard-ass pew before the Man and my momma, that I will not…will not fall for Darius again.

Then he turns and winks in my direction.  For the love of things hot and tempting, please…

Father…take me now!