First Touch by Loni Ree

Zander Burton Never trust a woman and make sure you’re never stupid enough to give your heart to one. I’ve always lived by these words, then Rachel Marsh crashed into my life. It only took one night, one touch for the gorgeous blonde to make me ignore the rule...

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Exclusive Facebook Giveaway

Check out my exclusive Facebook giveaway. One winner will receive $10 via Amazon Gift Card or Cash App. closes Sunday. Open until this Sunday, May 17, 2020, at 10 pm CST. This giveaway is not endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook, Amazon, or Cash App. (I wish! 😆)...

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Nook and Apple Bonus

We’re less than two weeks from release day. We’re offering a limited time bonus for purchases on Nook and Apple. This will give you almost 30 stories for a buck. 😳 What are you waiting for? Click and Claim.  🥰 CLICK Apple Books B&N Nook CLAIM Submit your transaction...

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