5k Day – May 2013


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Today my writing buddy and friend Lois is hosting her first 5k writing day–with the blessing of Milli from Fear of Writing (and host of 10k writing days).

You are invited to join us.

My plan is to outline through lunch and write in 30 minute sessions until early afternoon.

I will check in here and on the official post. See you all in a bit.

Update #1: I had an awesome session this morning. I worked on outlining my story (i.e., timeline, character sketches, preliminary research questions, etc.). I am estimating that my word count is about 2k. I don’t have an exact count since I work much of my preliminary work in Excel.

I am going to take a break for an hour or so. My plan for this afternoon is to plot for about an hour or so then get some writing done.

I did not anticipate outlining this long but I believe it will serve my writing time well. I also had a major breakthrough with my story goal and conflict.

With that said…this morning was a SCORE!!!

Update #2: I need to let my brain rest. 🙂 I am at 3349 words with my preliminary work. I roughly worked on plotting. I want to give myself a break. This means I plan to come back later tonight and revisiting the plot points I wrote.

Sidenote… It’s amazing to me how you have one idea about what you believe a story will entail but after a few hours, days, weeks…it seems to be totally different. A good different. But different.

I am about to grab some yarn and crochet a bit to let the information marinate.


5k Day, Novel Outlining

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