What is YOUR preferred book length?

Book Length | Ja'Nese Dixon

I can't wait to read your responses this week. Book length is important. I personally select the length by my mood and, of course, the time I have available. This week I want to know: What is your preferred book length? 1. Short Story Less than 30 pages (about 30...

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Host or Crash

Thanksgiving Question 2017 | Ja'Nese Dixon

Y'all...I'm a Texas girl...we are having the Wednesday question on Thursday. 😁 Work with me. After hundreds of WONDERFUL responses last week this week I gotta know... Next week are you hosting Thanksgiving or crashing? I plan to CRASH. * * * * * * * PREORDER HOLIDAYS EVER...

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Book Cliffhangers

Cliffhanger | Ja'Nese Dixon

It's WEDNESDAY. So, I'm kicking around this story idea. I need your help. Tell me...are cliffhangers in books a deal breaker for YOU? Tell me in the comments. Yes... No... Depends... Feel free to add an explanation. * * * * * * * ABOUT BLACK DIAMOND * *...

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What is the BEST Reader Prize?

Reader Prize | Ja'Nese Dixon

I'm planning a rather large holiday giveaway. I need your help putting together the prize. What is the BEST reader giveaway prize? What would make you excited to enter AND share? Tell me in the comments or click HERE. 1. eReader 2. eBooks 3. Print books 4. Gift cards...

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Pick Your Favorite Romance Trope

VOTE Romance Tropes | Ja'Nese Dixon

Vote on Facebook Too. This week's question is up late, but I'm here. I totally lost a day somewhere along the way. :) This week's question is motivated by my desire to write another short story for my newsletter. New subscribers get four free shorts from me and I'd...

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